About WEZ

The Changzhou West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Zone, located in the City of Changzhou, was established to further foster the development of high-tech industries in the Yangtze River Delta and China in general. Companies that setup in the Zone enjoy several benefits which increase their competitive advantage:

  • Tax benefits
  • Relatively cheap rent expenses
  • Favorable HR conditions
  • Modern infrastructure and facilities

WEZ_WEzMore information in Chinese can be found here.

About Changzhou

With a population of 5 mln people and over 33,000 industrial enterprises Changzhou is on its way to become a second tier city. Only one train hour away from Shanghai, Changzhou combines cheaper factors of production with a location in the heart of one of China‘s most important economic regions – the Yangtze River Delta. With several Universities and vocational education institutions Changzhou offers a large talent pool of graduates every year.changzhou location